Farmyard - Cows and Camelids


Meadow is a registered Kerry/Dexter cross born June 6, 2015.


 Holly is a registered Dutch Belted Heifer, born May 23, 2014.  She was purchased in December 2015 from the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT, where the Sisters raise cows for their milk and cheese production.   She's making friends with the other animals, and has demonstarted her athletic ability in jumping  fences several times since arriving at Westmoor.  


Cleo is very alert and always watching, perhaps she's very curious about everything that goes on. Cleo likes to be brushed, and enjoys a walk in the woods ever now and then.


Olaf is our little Alpaca, miracle baby.  He was brought to us in January of 2015 after being born on a bitter cold night at another farm.  When he was found in the morning after he was born, he was actually frozen to the ground in his birth fluids.  Now, he just like to run and play with his baby goat friends.

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