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Brigid and Aidan 

Brigid and Aidan are twins, born on June 4, 2018.  They are French Alpine Dairy Goats, which vary greatly in color, ranging from mixed colors to pure white, grey, brown or black.  These two are very playful and love attention.



Baby Goats are called kids. and our 3 French-Alpine goats are usually found hanging out together.  Cozette is a French-Alpine Dairy Goat, and is the loudest of our goats.  She is often the one "yelling" when you hear a goat on the farm.  Cozette loves to play with Eloise and Cecilia and is quite mischievous


Cecilia is also a French-Alpine Dairy Goat.  She is very friendly and is often the first of the animals to come over and say "Hi" when staff walk out into the pasture.


Eloise is also a French-Alpine Dairy Goat and is usually not far from her buddies Cozette and Cecilia, she loves to run and play.

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